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Good parenting


It’s a little weird to give birth to children with the intention of keeping things from them. Lollipops, scissors, privacy, freedom, an uncensored Internet connection. I’m not interested in whether these are good or bad for kids. What matters is that they are deprived of these things.

Giving birth to kids wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the world they are inevitably cast into. It’s quicksand. Once born, you are constantly pulled downward by a yearning hunger. It’s like being saddled with a terminal disease that cannot be cured, only slowed, and the medicine is dangling in front of you from a stick held by your parents. Like an addiction to food, and because you are born with nothing but a body, your only option is to sell that body to get food. You live from fix to fix.

Your parents, having cast you into this exitless maze that is designed to be dwelled until death, can give you directions on how to make it bearable, but that’s all, as they themselves haven’t figured out the unfigureoutable either. But they figured they could have a kid so they could stand on its shoulders and see what’s really going on. They didn’t like what they saw (the maze is endless, like the surface of a planet) and decided not to tell you.

They never took risks, they only gave them away. Like betting someone else’s money at the casino. Your future.

But hey, life isn’t so bad. They pay for your food and shelter, which makes them heroes for saving your life. Except that they wouldn’t have had to do it if they hadn’t had you in the first place. And then it turns out that they didn’t really want you, and that from now on you’ll have to pay to store and charge your body with them, or wash their car or whatever. And this is justified because it’s normal, and natural. Did you know that army ants keep slaves?

And what about school? Did you like school? Did you like the singing and hand-clapping? The storytelling on Monday morning? The gym classes? Did you like sitting in dusty classrooms in hard chairs listening to a burned-out disinterested teacher? For hours on end? With a disinterested white clock (with a thin red second hand) that you couldn’t help but look at every five minutes? Or did you look at the construction work outside? Or the window washers? Or did you secretly pass notes?

How about work? Froooooom paaaaaaycheeeeeck tooooo paaaaaaycheeeeeck, in a cramped office with pragmatic coworkers, and another disinterested white clock that creeps eeeeeveeeer so slowly and whose ticking gets ever louder and louder and LOUDER to see how miserable it can make you reminding you of how much time you are pissing away for a handful of depreciating bucks per hour. And you’ll come into work tired and you’ll come into work drugged. And you’ll think about the secretary whom you very rarely see, and you’ll think about the law. You’ll think about torching the office and leaving it all behind. Who would catch you if you just kept going?

Sure, you can come to terms with it. Shrug it off. That’s life. It’s inevitable. No pain, no gain. But WHAT IS GAIN? WHEN IS GAIN GAIN? Surely, gain is meaningless to dead people! So who needs it? Living people? How come they’re alive? Because they decided to pop up! RAISING THE DEAD IS DONE SOLELY IN THE INTEREST OF THE LIVING.

Again. When you’re alive, you’re constantly fighting off hunger, thirst, pain, boredom. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE BOREDOM! IT’S AS REAL AS HUNGER! All you strive for, then, is relief of hunger, relief of thirst, relief of pain, relief of boredom, relief of WHATEVER. And the means that bring this relief about are labeled GOOD. FOOD is GOOD, WATER is GOOD, PROTECTION is GOOD, AMUSEMENT is GOOD, as opposed to HUNGER is BAD, THIRST is BAD, PAIN is BAD, BOREDOM is BAD.

And don’t even get me started on friction.



  1. ...
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    well…i like being alive, nonetheless.

  2. DIV
    Posted October 17, 2010 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    So true, so true. It seems people will just keep creating new people whether the world is suitable to live in or not – and thats just inconsiderate.

  3. Wow...
    Posted October 3, 2011 at 11:17 am | Permalink

    I thought I wanted children until recently.

    Life is full of the crap you discribed, AND MORE. Life isn’t enjoyable so why the hell should people have to go through it. I would NEVER wish it on anyone and will not put a child through it.

  4. Wow...
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  5. parentsaredumb
    Posted May 9, 2012 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    Exactly, and when you have a child, you’re sacrificing a lot of those temporary moments of fun and pleasure to make it even more miniscule. Here’s one reason why…

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