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I’ve been talking to one of the young women at work, one of those who ‘wants to have a baby’, about why the idea is so wrong. The other day she told me, “you know, you’re REALLY convincing me that having a baby isn’t a good idea”. I bring this up only to illustrate that, sometimes, reason prevails, even in the face of so-called biological imperatives. Slavery was a world-wide phenomenon, accepted by just about everybody as the natural order of things, until finally the underlying recognition of what we were actually doing came to the forefront of our consciousnesses, and things changed. The same goes for exploitive child labor.

Or did they really change? Ostensibly, yes; at least, in the so-called ‘enlightened’ cultures. But think about it-when we are urged to bear children for ‘the good of mankind’, or for ‘the good of the state’, because “who will prop up the economy? Who will take care of our old people? Who will we hide behind when the bullets start flying, and who will carry civilization into the future, to fulfill the vision of all those who’ll be dead by then?”, then can’t it rightly be said that we are breeding new generations of slaves? And let us not fool ourselves into thinking that we’re doing the unborn a favor, bestowing unto them the ‘gift’ of life. Even under the best of circumstances, we always procreate for OUR reasons, never theirs; the unborn have no interest in coming to life! How could they? They don’t exist; they’re simply figments of the imagination until AFTER we bring them into being, calling them out of nothingness to fulfill our emotional needs, do our work, fight in our wars, etc. Oh, and of course we encourage them to have children of their own. That’s what they call multi-generational slavery, just like they did down on the plantation not so very long ago.

Think about it.



  1. SundayMorning
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    I recently held a brief discussion with a co-worker about my decision to adopt if I ever felt equipped to govern another person’s growth and development.

    She kept asking me why I wouldn’t want my OWN CHILD! She couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that if I adopt, the kid would be mine. Still I tried to explain the perils of procreation as I see them. I talked about how it is utterly impossible to ensure any person I cause to exist will have a happy, fulfilling, successful (whatever all of that means) life.

    Her response was something along the lines of “You’re gonna make a way.” She completely missed my point no matter how many different ways I tried to word it.

    I’m not simply talking about making sure they have food and shelter, and the latest clothes. Children are raped, abducted, and tortured on a daily basis. Parents die, (believe me growing up with out a mother and father is no fun), floods happen, tornadoes strike, terminal diseases have no sympathy for kids, congenital disorders kick ass and take names later. Not to mention the fact that these little people grow up to be adults with more problems! Mostly brought on by shitty childhoods.

    Thank you so much for this site!!!

  2. isaywhattheywont
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    Your comment goes right to the point. And your friend missed that point because the ramifications of your argument run counter to the prevailing mythos concerning life, which is based upon selfishness, and keeping the ball rolling. Your last paragraph speaks eloquently to the reality of the risks we take when we decide to procreate; and these are not risks to ourselves, but to the newly born who receive this ‘gift’ of life. Life, with all its wonders high and foul, is simply a mistake. It should never have been.

    This is just sort of an adjunct site, btw., giving me the opportunity to express my agenda in a somewhat different, perhaps more relaxed way. If you’re interested in further reading, I suggest you visit my other site at Thanks for your contribution, and I hope you visit often.

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